All Policies

These are our current policies, signed and adopted by the Pre School Committee.  The originals are available at Pre School on request. Click on the links below to read the policy documents. If you need more information please don’t hesitate to call us on 01773 607885.

Policy & Procedures Implementation and Review Policy
Implementation & Review Procedure

Health & Safety Policy
Risk Assessment
Risk Assessment Form
Access Audit Form
Prioritised Place Risk Assessment Form
Group Rooms, Stairways & Corridors
Children's Bathrooms/Changing Areas
Short Trips, Outings & Excursions
Staff Cloakrooms
Maintenance & Repairs
Staff Personal Safety
Threats & Abuse Towards Staff & Volunteers
Entrances & Approach to the Building
Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH)
Manual Handling
Festival (and other) Decorations
Jewellery & Hair Accessories
Animals & Pets
Notifiable Incident, Non-child protection
Terrorist Threat/Attack & Lockdown

Fire Safety Policy
Fire Safety
Fire Safety Risk Assessment Form

Food Safety
Food Preparation, Storage & Purchase
Food for Play & Cooking Activities
Menu Planning & Nutrition
Meeting Dietary Requirements

Health Policy
Accidents & Emergency Treatment
Administration of Medicine
Health Care Plan Form
Life-saving Medication & Invasive Treatments
Allergies & Food Intolerance
Poorly Children
Oral Health

Promoting Inclusion, Equality & Value Diversity Policy
Promoting Inclusion, Equality & Valuing Diversity

Safeguarding Children, Young People & Vulnerable Adults Policy
Responding to Safeguarding or Child Protection Concerns
Child Welfare & Protection Summary
Safeguarding Incident Reporting Form
Confidential Safeguarding Incident Report Form
Allegations Against Staff, Volunteers or Agency Staff
Visitor or Intruder on the Premises
Uncollected Child
Missing Child
Incapacitated Parent
Death of a Child On-site
Looked After Children
Care Plan for Looked After Children Form
Key Person Supervision

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