Notice of AGM

Dear Pre-School Member,

Annual General Meeting 2020 and recruitment of new committee members

As a parent/carer of a child at Swanwick Pre-School, you automatically become a member of Swanwick Pre-School, which is a charitable organisation and you are also entitled to act as a director by joining the committee.

With this letter you have the notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and a proxy form if you cannot attend. The AGM will take place on Thursday 1st October 2020 by Zoom. This year due to Covid-19 restrictions we are unable to hold a physical meeting due to social distancing guidelines. We are required to hold an AGM each year and to appoint the committee to run Pre-School for the year.

We are committee run and parent/carer involvement is crucial to our continued existence and success. Volunteering for your Pre-School offers an ideal opportunity for you to become actively and practically involved in your child’s early years, make a difference to how your Pre-School is managed, meet other parents and the satisfaction of giving something back to your local community. Research shows clear benefits for children when parents become actively involved in their child’s learning and development from an early age. Current committee members have said that being a director at pre-school has helped them to develop their skills including, problem solving, financial planning, event planning and the opportunity to meet new like-minded people.

Ultimately we need your help to keep Swanwick Pre-School open. The 2018/19 academic year was financially extremely challenging due to unforeseen ceiling repair costs of £17,000. The committee however did a fantastic job and raised £12,000 in seven months. The 2019/20 academic year was equally challenging due to Covid-19 and resulted in a big reduction in fundraising activity. We now need new committee members to assist with fundraising and to manage the pre-school over the next academic year. Sadly a number of local pre-schools have recently closed due to a lack of funding and insufficient committee members to run the pre-school.

The role of the committee is to fulfil two roles and we welcome anyone who feels that they have the skills to contribute towards these:

(1) To manage the Pre School

(2) To fundraise

If you would like to join the committee please complete the attached nomination form and return it to Pre School no later than Friday 25th September 2020. At the AGM the new committee will be appointed. From the committee the positions of Chair, Vice Chair and Secretary will be filled.

If you are elected onto the Pre-School Committee you will become a director of the charitable company. In order for us to operate we have to have a minimum of five committee members, but realistically we need ten for effective governance. Unfortunately, if we do not have a committee then we cannot continue, so please do come along and support us.

If you would like further details on being a committee member, please email Alison Pickering on and she can answer any questions or put you in touch with member of the committee who would be happy to speak to you via phone or video call. We also have a pack containing all the information. 

Please see attached the notice of the AGM, a nomination form to become a committee member and a proxy vote.

Yours faithfully,

Swanwick Pre-School Committee